Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Oh no! (teeth)

When we decided to put new floors in, we decided on wood rather than tile or stone because they are more "forgiving".  Our last house had tile throughout and I felt like I always needed to have slippers on, otherwise my feet hurt. Well, these wood floors weren't forgiving enough to Katie's two front teeth - she fell face first right on them the other night and they took her two teeth right out.  My poor girl cried for about an hour, but with the help of a lot of hugs, reading books with Daddy, and some Ibuprofen, she ended up having a good night sleep. The next day the dentist said it was as if she had had both teeth extracted, that there was nothing left in the sockets - which was good news.  She also says she sees this about once a week - so that made me feel a little better, and the fact that they were her baby teeth was also good news.  Bad news is that she will not have front teeth until her permanent ones come in which could be 3-4 years.  However, I must say she is just as cute as ever, and she is feeling fine, so it's ok.  And it will certainly help to make her Halloween costume a bit more authentic!    

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