Wednesday, March 6, 2013


The other day Paul says to me, "Hey, your blog is pretty good!"  Lol! I didn't think he ever read it because he really is busy with work.  But since he sprained his ankle three weeks ago running in the Spartan Mud Race (he's never allowed again), he's had some extra time between watching all the movies he's taped as he's sitting with his foot up and on ice!  I guess everyone needs a few weeks vacation once in a while, but if I see another Planet of the Apes or Rocky movie on our DVR, I might lose it.

So, Katie turns 7 this week! Seems crazy.  It's hard for me to think it's been seven years already with this lil' cutie!  She really is walking better and to think that last year she was using a walker at school... she is coming along just fine!  Her speech isn't moving along as fast, however, she is able to use her talking device to specify what she wants to eat, point out animals, colors etc.. and she is now doing signs for "more," "please," "me," and shakes her head for yes. I think we'll get there!

I am busy planning a fundraiser that is later this month and am just going to put it out there that if anyone has any service or item, or - we even take monetary donations  :)  for our silent auction, please contact me!  We've got some great things already but could definitely use more.

Every penny will go to Katie's Summer Camp she attends which helps 15 kids with motor disabilities, and if you live in AZ, it's a tax write-off. Well, this is worth a shot, I'll see what happens.