Wednesday, October 21, 2015


I turned around and this was coming at me, laughing!

Friday, October 16, 2015


Thank God for rubber bands.  Paul and I went to Seattle for a few days and although I saw women with nice hair-dos,  mine was a wavy mess within an hour of blow drying it. We both loved Seattle and enjoyed the gloominess and some rain for four days, however, I most likely will never live there just because of the hair fiasco.  And I don't even have a hair-do. I just had less of one in Seattle.  Actually I love where we live so visiting cloudy cities works.

So many things to do there! We did a lot of stuff, and I must talk about the gum wall in Pike Place Market.  I would post a picture, but my hair, you know!  So this gum wall seemed to be the entrance and exit that we found most convenient for getting to and from the water, ferries etc... This gum wall is a hall of millions of pieces of ABC gum (already been chewed) everywhere. This gum wall might be kind of neat the first time, but after having to walk through it five times I was about to get sick. I may not chew gum for a while.

In the gum wall hall is a little restaurant bar called the Alibi Room where we ended up.  I immediately spotted a jar of rubber bands behind the bar. They must keep them handy for crazy haired people.  Anyway, I would have paid for one at that point but they were free, yes!  Now, I know this all seems to have nothing to do with my blog about Katie but really, it does.  I will segue into that in a bit.

We did see this awesome bus for Seattle's special needs - love it! 
While we loved the change of pace, it sure is a huge change from Arizona and all the sun. It is probably close to 100 degrees as I write this - and I am so ready for winter!  AZ winter that is...

When the weather changes here in Arizona from sunny and hot to cloudy and cooler, it affects Katie. (This is my segue, and yes I did have to look up that spelling).  Katie,  and I know a lot of other kids with special needs - get irritable, and just aren't their usual happy selves when the weather changes.  She gets moody and tired, and just not a happy kid.  So as I am in the wonderful cloudiness of Seattle, I am wondering if the special needs kids and adults (and typical people too, maybe) are affected by it, or maybe they get used to it and adjust to it?  Would they physically feel better in more sunshine? I know people who get headaches when the barometer changes, I wonder if that happens to Katie. Well, I am going to have to look up some info on this subject and get back to you... running out of time and have to go get some sunshine!