Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Up all night

School started a week ago and Katie has missed three days so far.  We have two separate issues going on, the first being the tongue issue again. Noooooooooooo!

Last week her tongue started hanging out (this happens about twice a year and we don't know why) and she was just not herself: tired, balance way off, not eating much...  it happened to coincide with me not feeling well also.  I went to the doctor Wednesday and of course it's allergies for me, so I get better within days, thank you predisone and Z-pak, I love you!  I asked my doctor about Katie since no one can ever figure out why this tongue thing happens, and he says yes, it could be allergies and to give her a Zyrtec and see if that helps. So I do and she seems much better, tongue not out so much and I think we have solved this problem! Yippeee! Well, the tongue comes back out but not as often, but she feels better and is more herself. I was so excited to report that we have figured this out, but now I am not sure what to think. Still giving her Children's Zyrtec (sigh).

Onto the next issue.  If I was you then I would think that this mommy of Katie might have lost some of her marbles.  I am telling the truth when I say that our next issue has happened three times this past week, and I don't know what to do.  Because of it Katie is sleeping right now (9:30 am) when she should be at school having fun. I think the real problem might be that she is having too much fun at school.  I am blaming the school for this!  

So, three times this week this has happened. Katie goes to bed and then around 11 pm she starts laughing in her sleep.  I am NOT making this up.  If my husband was a blogger he would tell you how sleep deprived he is from his comical kid. She literally is fast asleep belly-laughing! Big loud laughs like she is watching a comedy, it's nuts! I assume she is remembering what a fun day she had and laughing it up. I go in there and wake her up and then she falls back to sleep and it starts up again.  This lasts for hours and I don't know what to do.  I know there are worse problems to deal with but holy moly, we are so tired the next day.

Poor hubby had to get up at 4:30 to drive four hours this morning and four hours back for work.  I am hoping this child gets up soon so I can take her to school for a few hours.  I'm thinking that's not going to be the case.  I bet she sleeps for another hour at least and then I will be entertaining her for the rest of the day.

It is now 2 pm and my girlie is still snoozing away.  I think I'll get her up so she goes to bed tonight!