Monday, April 25, 2016


Getting old sucks.  I don't think there is any better way to put it.  I am posting this entry because it's been a long time coming and I feel like this is a good time to hold myself accountable.  If I put it out there maybe I will stick to it. I have a sister and a good friend I have known since 4th grade who I know read this blog.  Maybe they can help hold me accountable.  Mindy and Mary I am talking to you...

I always assumed life would get easier when Katie got older, that she would be able to do more things, walk better, talk.  However, in reality it is like I have a ten year-old toddler who I have to watch every second.  She is in diapers and fights when I change her diaper or comb her hair or brush her teeth.  She just gets bigger and I just keep getting older and less fit, my joints hurt sometimes and I guess I can't blame the baby weight any longer.

So I went to a spin class today and really like the instructor and his music - that makes a big difference.  Bad music is the worst in spin class.  I have had good intentions with the gym but in reality, once a week is not doing me any good. I am planning on doing this class more, and yoga and weights, and cutting down on volunteering for a million things at Katie's school and elsewhere.  Too bad I can't cut out laundry and cooking.

  I need to lose about 15 pounds and just want to be in better shape, especially with Katie to take care of.  I think, what if something happened to me, who could do what I do with her?  Or maybe they would do a better job than I do?  Paul is a great dad, but he is no mom.  He works a lot and although I do his data entry (ho hum), right now is not our busy time of the year so I have no excuse to not take care of myself.

I am hoping now that I have posted this, that I will take it more seriously so I can make it to 52 without the aches and pains.  And that I will finally be able to fit into the 70% of the clothes in my closet that haven't seen the light of day in years.

 I will be making a salad tonight... goodbye pizza and cookies, I'll miss you.


Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Not again

Here we are once again with the tongue situation.  Katie has had her tongue hanging out, not constantly- but it's out a lot and I just got an email from the teacher noting this. They worry about her falling and biting it - it's been out about a week.  Doctors don't know why this tends to happen twice a year but my feeling is that it is probably due to the change in weather.  When she is really tired it will be out, usually before bed, it's as if she just loses all of her muscle control in her mouth, weird!

If you have been lucky enough to have been here in AZ. sometime in the last few months - we have had absolutely beautiful weather!  Now, it is getting into the 90's and I think maybe that is affecting Katie. 

 Or, maybe it's a growth spurt -she did eat 3 taquitos, half a chicken breast, a hamburger, broccoli, 2 of those cutie oranges and an apple last night for dinner -no kidding! Crazy little eater... that is not her usual food amount - have you seen my thin little kiddo?!  But she wouldn't eat breakfast today and threw her ham and toast on the floor, nice.  Guess she was still full. 

I always document her tongue issues so I can keep track.  I think it has been over a year so I thought we were out of the woods, damn...

update:  05/10/16 I think this episode is finally over, 3 weeks.

Here she is pre-tongue episode. Cutie!