Thursday, August 23, 2012


Okay, so - not the best picture but you get the idea that Katie is pushing a cart.

I took this from a video, and the point of this picture is that we have had this toy shopping cart for many years and she is just now able to use it. She can load up the food, pans, and baby, and she's off!  Well, not without a little help from Mommy.

Until now, Katie was not be able to balance or have the strength to hold herself up and push this cart at the same time.  All of these little accomplishments are so big for her, and us!

Now if only I could give her a list in the grocery store and send her on her way...

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Katie started school and is loving it!  She is quite the social one and I am sure she is so glad to see her friends at school again.  Her teacher can't believe how well she is walking and how much she has grown over the summer (same terrific teacher as last year). 

Here, she is sporting her hot pink Michael Jordans - good ankle support.  Katie is walking all over the place and can literally go from one end of the house to another.  Her balance is not perfect, but much better than the beginning of the summer.  We follow her around like over-protective parents and make sure there will not be anymore broken teeth.

After six weeks of the Conductive Education Summer Program (3 hours a day), she is showing a lot of progress.  The walking is sure coming along, now if we can just get her talking.  Oh, that would be awesome!         


Wowie! Katie can do this puzzle and she can even get the triangle in!  I remember the day (not very long ago) when I wondered if she'd ever have the coordination and motor skills to to do a puzzle. Now she's a pro at this one.  Next in line - fruit puzzle.