Friday, November 1, 2013


Our little cowgirl had a great Halloween.  I took this picture in the morning and then had to take off her dress and bandana to send in to school.  She kept pointing at it wanting to put it back on.  A friend asked me how I got her to pose - ha ha!  That is SO funny!  I take about 50 shots hoping for one good one, once in a while I get one although I am sure this is not the best shot with all of the stuff in the background, and my lens must have been dusty. But Katie looks good and is a happy cowgirl so I am good with that.

Katie is doing great although she recently went through  a month or so of being defiant. I was thinking maybe it was just the terrible twos since we never did go through that.  Every single day we would get notes sent home from school about Katie not wanting to get out of her chair (stiffening her legs) to find her name on the board, or throwing puzzle pieces around, etc... Having no other kids, my best guess was that she realized that she can  say no...  oh no!

I noticed it at home too: not wanting to eat eggs and other healthy things anymore, throwing toys around, and having a bit of a temper tantrum occasionally which she really didn't have before.  Well, it seems to have gone away and she is back to herself, although she will only eat eggs when Dad eats them with her.  I hate eggs, so that works for me!

 I have put her on Juice Plus+ since she will not just open her mouth like a little bird for me anymore and refuses vegetables. It is a gummy that is made from the actual juice of fruits and vegetables, and they say that usually kids will start to crave more vegetables because their body is used to (now) having it - okay so don't quote me on this, but that is the general idea. It seems to be working as she will eat up these gummies like nobody's business, and also drink these smoothies I make with carrots and tomatos thrown in. It also helps to put on Teen Beach Movie as a distraction!

 Juice Plus +

So all is well and we are still waiting for Katie's DNA results.  I try not to get too hopeful and would hate to have to write about not so great results - but I hope we find out something.  Any good thoughts sent our way are appreciated!  Very much!  I will let you know as soon as we know, hopefully by Christmas.