Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Through the Naturopath that Katie sees we recently had some genetic testing done through a company called 23andme (anyone can do this test $100, no Dr.  rx needed).  One thing they found that the Dr. suspected was that Katie was deficient in B12. I've since learned that if you are deficient in B12, a pathway in the brain is not working, which can cause all kinds of issues, one being speech.  The best way to deliver this B12 is by a shot in the bottom.  

So here I am today, 20 years after giving up on a nursing degree because the thought of putting a needle into someone about made me pass out - putting a needle into my daughter.  Added to that the fact that my chemistry teacher was from another country, coupled with chemistry itself being out of my realm of understanding, was enough to make me change my major to psychology.  So look at me now! I  am giving my daughter a shot every 3 days - should have gone to nursing school darn it! (I may have a run on sentence in there, don't judge me, I am not an English major.  And I always forget if the period goes inside or outside the parenthesis, sigh.) 

The shot is no big deal, really.  If I can do this anyone can. I rub some lidocaine cream on the area which numbs it, and then 1/2 hour later I give her a shot.  The shot is really small and I believe it is the size of an insulin needle.  Anyway, she doesn't cry, it doesn't hurt - but now she sees me coming with the cream and gets all upset knowing that I am going to poke her next. So last night I did it all while she was asleep, worked perfect and she didn't even wake up! 

This is what I wrote in an email to the Dr. recently about what I have noticed since giving her the B12:

I know side affects are good because it means she is responding.  So far this is what I've seen:

  • Hands in mouth a lot the first 2 days (yay!  I know  this is a good thing!) Kids who can talk already and get the B12 say that their mouth and tongue tingle, so this is a very good sign that her mouth is "waking up" and she is actually feeling more in her mouth than she was.  If you know Katie - you know her mouth is usually open somewhat, it's like she doesn't have a lot of control of her mouth.  Now her mouth seems more controlled and less open.  She is not drooling as much either.

  • She has said Momma more, usually only says it when she misses me or is scared, but I am actually hearing it a lot!  *:) happy

  • She was looking at my glasses the first few days (on my face) like she'd never seen them before and trying to touch them. (and I wear them a lot, nothing new!)

  • Her balance seems even better.

  • Her toes are always scrunched up and now  they are not, just relaxed!  

  • Getting to sleep at night did not go well the first 3 nights but is fine now. 

  • She also just seems more "there and aware", more like a normal kid if that makes sense.  She is definitely more focused than before even her therapists and the school commented on this. 

We will continue with these shots and hopefully see more happenings with Katie. Pretty interesting stuff.