Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Conductive Education

We have Conductive Education (CE) here in Phoenix for the month of June.  This is such a great program for kids with motor disabilities!  Katie enjoys it, and I think it will help her so much in reaching many of her goals.  Each child has their own aide/caregiver who works one on one with them.  The Conductor also works very closely with each child, and instructs each aide in what to do according to each child's needs and capabilities.  With Katie, they focus mainly on her walking goal, and with 3 hours a day - Whoa!  Is she ever tired by the time we go home!

One recent observation about Katie:

Last week, Katie was sitting and playing with her blocks (at home) which have a round hole through the middle, and a cylindrical block that fits in the hole - and she consistently fit the cylidrical block into the hole.  Her hand / eye coordination is obviously improving, which was a big surprise to me.  I didn't think this type of progress would happen for quite a while.  Whether this is related to CE or not,  I don't know.  But I do know that all of the different therapies (and there are a lot!) we take Katie to are making a difference in her life.  And Conductive Education, although more of a program than a "therapy," makes a HUGE difference in her walking ability, as well as other goals we have set, like feeding, focus, etc...

I am excited to see what else CE brings to Katie.  I think this program helps her in more ways than I know.  For more information, see the following websites: