Monday, October 18, 2010

From one phase to the next

Katie stopped with her tongue hanging out - it lasted about two weeks, but was immediately replaced with her hands in her mouth - constantly!  Ugh! So I am just trying to keep her hands busy and will see how long this phase lasts. Always something!

Katie continues to improve a lot on walking more steadily, and the two sets of company we have had recently are amazed at her growth in the last few months (both with walking and physically, how tall she has grown).  I will try to get some video of her at her next treadmill therapy because it really is something that needs to be seen - the difference from a few months ago.

One new thing Katie is doing is she will grab my finger, pull herself up, and pull me toward whatever it is she wants.  She has done this a handful of times and the other day, Katie pulled her Grammie over to the doughnuts (which I should not be buying!) and was loving the doughnut!  A definite sweet tooth.   

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