Saturday, February 13, 2016

desert living

I love living where you don't need to own a snow shovel. Yes, it's hot in the summer, but I would rather deal with that than blizzard conditions. One thing about Arizona that I don't like is the reptiles, critters, and scary as hell insects!

Our last house had a beautiful desert view. After Paul killed his 5th snake in a year we were out of there. I think we lived there 14 months. We've been married 12 years and we are in our third house. We are always looking to move (in the general area) but Paul keeps thinking he would like a desert view again - and with that comes scary stuff!

Our current neighborhood is in a nice area that doesn't get snakes and scorpions.  Trust me when I tell you I ask all the neighbors about their scorpion visitors before we buy a house. We have been here seven years and I have not seen one scorpion. Whew! None of the neighbors have them either. Believe me I still ask! You can go a mile away and have scorpions.  How would you like to find this in your bed? See!!

Katie was a baby when we lived in the house with the desert view and scorpions and snakes, etc...  I was so worried about her since she was on the floor a lot, and you know, if she's hurt she can't tell me. Not until just recently did she even start pointing to her neck if she has a sore throat - so I was really glad to move out of there. 

When we bought this house we gutted it, added on, remodeled.  I am antsy to do it all over again but Paul keeps looking at "views"! Um, no. Not happening. The last thing I need is to move somewhere and worry about my child getting stung by a scorpion or bit by a snake. Not worth the view. 

This very second, Paul called me into his office and showed me a house in the neighborhood that needs a total remodel, YES! I am pretty sure we won't buy it but at least he is looking and in our hood. 

So for now we will just spruce up our current remodeled house. We painted the whole interior a creamy color recently and that makes me really happy! Like, so happy! We are doing a few other things but I know with Paul it's one thing at a time. I can't wait to get that chandelier out of here! Happy wife, happy life. And safe kid!