Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Katie feeling much better on Thanksgiving!
 Oh my gosh where did November go?  I am sorry blog, that I have totally neglected you. 

We had a bit of a rough go of it when the school called me and said I should pick Katie up because she was being too quiet (not her usual "screaming with delight" kind of girl) and the fact that she kept arching her back, constantly.  So I picked her up and took her right to the pediatrician.  He wasn't really sure what was going on, thought it might be constipation but checked her out and it didn't seem like that was it. He said to take her to Phoenix Children's Emergency Room if she got worse or not any better by morning. I also noticed that along with arching her back (whether standing, or in the high chair) she also seemed to have restless legs.  Having worked at Mayo Clinic for 10 years, I was worried because I remembered that restless leg syndrome was a neurological issue, which is scary since Katie has those issues anyway.

So in the morning she was still doing these things, although never acting as if she was in any pain, and not babbling or making any sounds.  I started crying, thinking she must need an MRI to see what is going on in her head that is making her arch her back and move her feet so much. I was so worried.  I had to have Paul call Katie in sick to school because I was so upset.

We got to the ER, which was a WONDERFUL place, and they took care of her right away.  I was surprised when they wanted to do an x-ray of her stomach, but I thought I'd wait to ask about doing a head MRI.   Crazy enough, her x-ray showed extreme constipation - they showed  us the x-ray and it seemed to me that it went from her neck all the way down, well, however high the colon goes anyway.  So they did an enema ( I won't go into those details) and then Katie was on a lot of Miralax for several days (she takes it anyway, but we have since upped the dose to 1 capful a day) and one crushed up Dulcolax (supposed to push it all out once the Miralax has softened it), which worked great!  I have never changed so many sheets in my life!

Katie has always had constipation issues, it seems to go hand in hand with low tone. Since this whole episode, Katie has been doing great, and if she gets irregular I just give her an extra capful of Miralax later in the day and then WATCHOUT!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Goodbye October!

I am so glad October is over!  Will post some new info next week, but for now these pics of my Lil' Eskimo will have to do.