Wednesday, August 22, 2018


Ooooh, three months to the day of my last post.  Where have I been?

So, this summer has been a bit nuts since I didn't have a day program to send Katie to.  It actually went well though, and she kept busy with therapies and seeing friends occasionally etc... and thank GOD I have a great sitter! 💗Molly💗

Katie started Middle School about three weeks ago and it has been hell!👹 I think it's a combination of having to wake her up early at 6 am (she sleeps like, 11 hours!) and a new school and teacher, and then top it off with a ton of crazy monsoons!  Dust and wind and rain and changes to the barometric pressure... she's been cranky at home but fine at school - whatever, kid!  I was giving her ibuprofen and then tried allergy medicine because who knows what's really wrong?  She was pointing to her throat and head and sometimes her stomach, so throw in a bit of Pepto Bismol... it's been misery.

I was on the airplane flying home from Colorado a few weeks ago (just me) and a girl sitting next to me who had a fussy baby put some essential oils on him and he calmed down immediately.  I have used them before but you know, you kind of forget about them. I told her about Katie and how she was acting up and she told me what to use on her.  So when I got home I called my friend who sells these and she hooked me up with one for allergies - a lemon, peppermint, lavender combo and also straight lavender for calming.

As soon as Katie got home that day I put her in the tub, still cranky as can be.  Not happy and hitting her hands on things, in the tub, sometimes me.  Got her out, dried her off, and put the allergy combo on her feet and a drop in her mouth and slathered some lavender oil on her chest and amazingly within five minutes she was just fine, playing on the floor with not a care in the world.  And she's been great ever since! No more medicine lately just these oils, it's really incredible.

 Our business is seasonal and gets very busy during monsoon season.  We keep an eye on the weather and this season has had a lot of storms and busier than any other year, lots of rain and wind.  I do the data entry and billing (and I look outside!) so I know how busy it is, and this weather change seems to affect these kids with special needs.

 I am so glad I met that girl on the plane and that I have a great friend here who rushed over those oils, thanks Leslie!  Katie now grabs the rollerball of the oil and rubs it on herself, she's a fan!  And a happy kid again.  Whew.