Friday, August 12, 2011

a busy summer!

1st day of Kindergarten

It has been such a busy summer, I will have a few posts following this one in the next week. 

We went to Tucson for a few weeks for the Conductive Education program, and I saw many of the same kids from last year.  I was so surprised to see how much they have progressed in a year!  The majority of the kids are more severely affected than Katie, and it was a real eye opener to see that these kids were making a lot of progress with sitting and even walking with help.  These are kids that I thought might never be able to even sit up - and here they are (much taller!) and walking with assistance! Many of them, I noticed, now have a great posture, where last year they were somewhat leaning forward and hunched over.  It was incredible to see how much this program helps these kids.

 Katie is doing well, especially following seven weeks of intensive training: having someone help her focus on walking, drinking from a cup, etc...

She has started Kindergarten and seems to love it. I was worried that she would get tired at school because she was still napping for two hours at noon every day (up until Monday!), but the teacher says she is "very busy" and hasn't needed a nap at school. Adjusting well to a long school day and in bed by 7:15 works for me! (Katie, not me)