Wednesday, August 16, 2017

First day of school was last week and my girl is growing up!  Well, she may look tall but in reality she is a shorty for her age, and look at those thin legs!  I am trying to put a few pounds on her since she's weighed 50 pounds for a few years now. And she's a huge eater - I can't believe all the food she eats fits in that body!

Summer was pretty good except Katie was constipated on our trip to Colorado for a family reunion.  She was great for a few days then the last 24 hours was a nightmare and I couldn't wait to get home...😓  I guess constipation can be very painful and I got that notion when she was headbutting and just kind of acting possessed.  I keep a good eye on this with her, but sometimes even when she goes poo, there may be a hard ball inside that is stuck there and then what works is to give her Dulcolax.  That gets it out!  I didn't give it to her at the hotel because it takes 12 hours and is a mess, I thought an enema would do it, but no. Not enough anyway.

  I had to apologize to the college kid sitting in front of us on the flight back for her kicking his seat. It was tough, this may have been Katie's last trip ANYWHERE!

One fun Katie-less trip this summer was Paul and I went to Temecula. CA.  We had a blast, it was his family reunion.  What a beautiful city!  I love it there.

Katie may have a better time staying at home with a sitter than being a world traveler.  At least for now.