Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Gluten / Casein

Oh boy, October was just crazy busy.  We heard from T-Gen yesterday that the doctor is going to sit down with the scientific staff and see if they can get this sequencing issue resolved for Katie. They are trying to get a confirmation of a gene mutation and this is a really important step for us.  But they have tried probably 7 times and are having a hard time with it.  We are going on almost 2 years of waiting and, wow,  I never knew I was this patient of a person.  T-Gen is awesome and I feel honored they are having a meeting about Katie! Well, her gene anyway.

We met a doctor at a wedding last January who sees kids with autism and similar issues.  He was a general doctor for probably 30 years or so and now is a homeopathic doctor.  I was able to talk Paul into going this route - can't hurt! So we saw this Doctor and I really liked him, he does believe in regular medicine but also says there are other things to look at that might be able to help Katie.  So we are currently doing some other tests and I have put her on a gluten and casein free diet. O M G this is not an easy task!  And it is not cheap, everything gluten and casein free is so expensive!  I have been cooking all week so I am exhausted. Hey, we all can't be naturally good cooks!  So anyway, I am not going to go into all the details of how hard this is for me (poor me!) but Paul keeps asking me, "Are these gluten free?" before he eats anything.  And so far everything has turned out to taste not too bad.  Anyone want to come for pancakes?

With Katie we didn't do any testing to see if she needs to be on this diet, but the doc thought it would help her with her constipation issues and we will see if it helps her to focus better.  Gluten can cause "fuzzy brain" and I will see if I notice any changes in her. She was really cranky and tired the first week and my friend told me to make sure she had enough fat in her diet, so now that I know that this week is going better.  I also found donuts that fit so at least at school on Donut Friday in her classroom she won't miss out. I was worried about this, if you know Katie you know she likes her food.

Monday, November 3, 2014


Where did October go? What a blur of a month. Here is our little Genie!