Thursday, October 6, 2011



  Katie's tonsils and adenoids are gone because they were really big.  She also had a turbinate reduction that should help her breathe through her nose rather than her mouth.  (see this link): turbinate reduction info

Katie had to stay home for what ended up to be the longest week of my life!  She had the surgery on a Friday, and by the next Friday I thought I might need to be admitted.  I know most kids probably do pretty well, but Katie had a really hard time with the pain, and I had a really hard time not being able to know exactly how she was feeling and what she needed.  I had to keep her on her pain medication (every four hours!) or she would be crying.  And the medication tasted terrible!  Poor kid, I felt so bad having to pin her down to get the medication in. But those meds helped SO MUCH!

So for a week she wasn't eating anything, which is expected, but at least she started drinking on day two, right as we were getting ready to go back to the hospital to get an IV hooked up for fluids for her. Whew, that was a relief!

It has been a few weeks now, and Katie is back to eating every bit of watermelon she can get! She started feeling better about day seven, and since then she has been eating like crazy. And her smile is back!

I am glad she had the surgery, I think it will help her a lot with breathing and maybe some other things. But I am so glad that hard week is over, and that my happy girl is back.