Thursday, October 20, 2016


My last post was all about what an irritable child Katie had been for about a month or so. I blamed it on the slight change in weather from over 100 degrees to the 90's ... incorrect.

I stopped giving Katie the B-12 shots in August.  I had been giving her a shot every 3rd night for about a year or more.  It was getting hard for me to give her a shot in her bottom when she looks at me like I am a demon, that's basically why I stopped.  Besides "the look" she was giving me, there was a lot of yelling, etc... so I just stopped.

Why it took me so long to put two and two together I don't know, but I did and ordered those shots as soon as that light bulb went off.

Katie had a half day at school a few weeks ago and those shots were delivered to my door that morning. She came home, ate lunch, and was ready for a nap. I put her in bed and gave her a quick unexpected shot and she was off dreaming about cookies.

When she woke up, I SWEAR she was in a better mood!  I called my sister and told her and we both thought it (or maybe I) was crazy!

So the moral of this story is that it seems that the B-12 shot is what is helping Katie's mood, energy etc... and without it she is demonic, haha! Now I am the demon again... but I don't care she is getting that shot!

The funny thing is that I gave myself a shot in my rear to see how it would affect me and I wasn't even sure if I actually did it because I felt NOTHING! These shots are so tiny and it takes a millisecond. I don't know why Katie gets so crazy.

I haven't gotten that possessed look from Katie yet, let's hope it stays that way.

Look!  My happy, smiley kid is back checking out some tree bark. She has been great ever since! B-12, I love you!

I had taken Katie to a naturopathic doctor where he suggested among other things, doing a test with  which told us Katie was low in B-12. That is why we put her on it. The test was $99 and was just a swab of the inside of her cheek and tells a lot of information.

Good stuff!