Tuesday, December 11, 2012

T-Gen Study

In a big open space Katie will just keep walking.  I don't bother to count her steps anymore she is doing so well!  Her balance is still off but seems to be getting better.  What you can't see is Paul right next to her waiting to catch her if she falls.  Daddy's girl for sure.

We all had our blood drawn for the study (last post) and if they find something they will let us know.  It will probably be months before we hear anything at all. They check all three of us (our DNA) in case something shows up with Katie, they can see if is related to one of  us.

Anyone who wants to donate to a good cause, T-Gen relies on philanthropic donations and a lot of  kids will have to wait for the funding before they can have their DNA mapped. Here is the website for the Center For Rare Childhood Disorders just in case you'd like to make a donation:


I think this might be our best bet yet for finding out what is going on with Katie.  I'm very hopeful but there is a chance they won't find anything at all.

If you haven't seen the video of Shelby on this website, it is worth five minutes to see her miraculous changes, and it explains the study, DNA mapping etc... very interesting!