Monday, June 5, 2017

Potty Training

Potty training 😩

Potty training by bribery, silence, then stare down.  That is what works for us.

I have tried bribing Katie with candy for potty training through the years and it has never worked.  But now for some reason a Good & Plenty sighting is working wonders!  Well, maybe that is going too far to say wonders, however we have had more success in the past month where she goes (pee only at this point) within a few minutes if I:

1) ask her who is a big girl (she pats herself) and tell her big girls pee on the potty

2)  show her the candy and I eat one and tell how her how good it is, lol!

3) we have a stare down in silence for about 30 seconds or so and then if we are lucky, she pees.

This is huge for us because I think in the past, she just figures she has always gone in a diaper so why use a toilet.  We have a long way to go with this for sure, but it is a start.  I think the main idea is that she realizes that she should pee (and poo) in the potty.

Changing an 11 year-old's diaper is not a fun thing.  I hope someday we can get this down.  I don't want to be changing a 20 year old's diaper someday. 😰