Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Our Casino Night / Silent Auction fundraiser was put together by a few of us parents who enjoy having the Conductive Education summer camp here in Phoenix for our kids, rather than spending all summer away from home in Tucson. I spent about two months of my life working on putting this together, and I must say it turned out better than I thought!

We charged $50 a person and had about 130 people show up. Thank God the weather was good, that was a big concern because I didn't know how that many people would all fit inside my house if it was pouring rain. Whew!  My sister came from Colorado and I put her to work typing up all the info on the silent auction items, thank you Mindy!  Next time I am sure she will just fly in a few hours before on the day of the event - I would!

We had gaming tables: 5 blackjack, 1 craps, and 1 roulette table.  It was so much fun!   The dealers were terrific and would teach you how to play if you wanted.  We had catered appetizers that are still getting rave reviews.  We had an open bar with two bartenders and went through a lot of vodka and wine. We had 12 dozen donated alcohol infused cupcakes - delicious! (After Hours Cupcake Bar).

We profited over $8,000 which all goes toward the summer camp.  I am hoping this year the summer camp will help Katie tremendously with walking and becoming more balanced.  She will also work on other things like sit to stand, feeding herself with utensils, drinking from a cup, and other fine motor skills to help her with daily living.

Here is a recent video of Katie, I took her to the park and let her go:  Walking in the park

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Oh hello blog! Do you remember me?

Sorry blog, I have been crazy busy for two months with putting together a fundraiser that happened at our house on March 31st.  It was a big success (so far raised over $7000! ) and so much fun!  We had casino night and silent auction items, food catered, and lots of vodka drinkers who seemed to be having a great time throwing dice and winning fake money at blackjack.

I will post more details about this event next week when I get the final count on the money that was raised. All of the money will benefit our summer camp program.  I think the event went off without a hitch, except next time I will not be drying my hair when the early birds arrive!

 More details to come!

And Katie is doing great, still preferring to walk around rather than sit and do ANYTHING, (I'm exhausted!) and her balance is getting better and better.