Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A few updates

 Katie's tongue is not sticking out anymore.  Her continous "tongue sticking out" phase lasted about two or three weeks, then went away. Then came back when she knocked out her two front teeth (for a few days) and now is gone, I think for good. Whew!

Katie the pirate! Note her tongue was sticking out - this was right after she knocked out her two front teeth.

Katie was in a wedding this past weekend! See if you can spot her in this video!

Katie is walking better - in this video she has on her braces and the SPIO (pants) underneath her regular pants - they give her extra support and help her balance. 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I ordered a "SPIO" (Stabilizing Pressure Input Orthosis) for Katie.  This is an undergarment that is similar to SPANX (for women, to hold in our cellulite!), or a girdle - if you can't visualize a SPANX.  Katie's is a spandex type of material, and for her I got the pants only - which is worn under her regular pants.  It is intentionally tight on her so that she receives input, and it should help her to know where her body is in space.

So I put it on her today for the first time, sent her to school, and I get a note home from her teacher that she took 5 or 6 steps today, that's a lot for this girl! This SPIO just may be worth the $100 that it cost!  We'll see how it goes tomorrow at treadmil therapy - that should be a good test.

*The SPIO seems to be helping her - She walked to me at treadmill therapy and it was the most balanced I have ever seen her - about 6 steps!  Then, I went to the school for a conference, and Katie's teacher showed me how far she had walked the day before, and I would guess it would have to be at least 10 steps!  Her teacher said she pushed her walker aside, and walked over to where all the other kids were calling for her. (This SPIO is also really good for kids with autism - and a 90 day refund policy!)  I think I made a good investment!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Katie on the local news!

Check out Katie on the news last night! I find the "cookie eating scene" funny because she was a bit fussy and I kept giving her food to keep her from yelling - didn't realize she'd have a close up with a mouthful of cookies / crumbs!  That's my girl!

ABC 15 News