Thursday, September 30, 2010


Katie's tongue has been hanging out like this for about 10 days and it's driving me nuts!!  I took her to see the pediatrician and I've asked all of her therapists about it and even the orthotist. I was told that kids do this when they have a sore throat but I am pretty sure this is not the case.  The other idea is that because she is working so hard on walking right now, that other things might regress.  And because the tongue is a big muscle, maybe she can't focus on keeping it in while also working on walking.  Geez, I hope this is the case!

This happened once before over the summer for less than a week and then it just went away.  I had forgotten all about it, until now!

If I had a margarita in hand I'd be toasting to the hope of this tongue phase being done with, soon!  


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