Monday, April 26, 2010

Core Strength

 I have been using this ball with Katie since she was about a year old.  One exercise I did with her back then and for a few years was to set her on it on her stomach, and roll her a little bit to the left, then a little bit to the right, and she would automatically adjust herself - which helps to strengthen her core muscles.

We got this out the other day with the occupational therapist and she put Katie on it on her stomach, and Katie immediately rolled herself up to this sitting position. Barbara the therapist was thrilled to see her do this, and so easily.

Also noticing some changes in Katie were my dad and stepmom who came to visit us recently, it had been eight months since they had seen us.  They both could not get over the changes they saw in Katie, commenting on her focus being so much better and how much more stable and alert she is.  When they were leaving to go home, my dad said something like, "I feel really good leaving, knowing how much she has progressed in such a short time".

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