Friday, April 16, 2010

Crab crawl

Katie still gets excited to walk around the house (with us holding her hands) even though she has a long way to go before she will be walking on her own.  GOOD NEWS!  I am so excited to say that Katie just got approved for a summer program where she will get 3 hours of physical therapy a day for 6 weeks!  Right now we get one hour a week - so I am hoping this will get her walking!  She seems to have the strength to walk, but her coordination and balance are off, and they will work on all of that.

Usually before walking comes crawling, and sometimes it doesn't come at all.  I have learned that crawling is very important, "because of the use of alternating sides of the body (e.g., right arm and left leg, then vica versa), there is increase communication between the two sides of the brain thus enhancing learning and coordination.  Another very significant aspect of crawling involves the integration of sensory input. Crawling provides the brain with what is quite possibly the best integrated sensory input that a child ever receives."  (taken off the internet).

So here is Katie doing her "crab crawl" as her geneticist calls it - she's getting there, but I have not seen anything resembling a typical crawl out of her yet.

 Katie crawling

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