Thursday, February 4, 2010


Katie has some sensory issues and brushing her hair is probably the thing I most dread everyday - so if you see us and she looks a bit unkempt, now you know why.  Brushing her teeth is not fun either, sometimes I have to pin her down and sing a song.  This is all a bit stressful for me, but  I must say she does have some pearly whites through my efforts, and no cavities!

Those teeth - ugh!  Does every kid have sharp little knives in their mouth at this age?  I don't know if all kids tend to clamp down with their teeth and not let up, but my girl is a pro at this.  So a few days ago, when she had something in her mouth and it wasn't lunch time, I knew it was probably not a good thing.  I could see that it was a sticker she was chomping on.  I had to think fast before she choked on it, so I stuck the end of a pen (the non-pen end) in her mouth so she couldn't take off my finger.  Then I quickly swiped out the sticker, and wha-la,  no choking hazard anymore, just a screaming kid.  I am hoping for the day when Katie stops putting things in her mouth and lets me brush her hair and her teeth without a big scene.