Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Spit up is not a fun topic, however, I must talk about it. Katie has taken Prevacid once a day for about two years, for reflux. If she doesn't take it in the morning, she spits up in the afternoon.  We have both had many a shirt ruined because of it, let's just say it's not pretty.  Having reflux also tends to hinder her appetite, so the Prevacid has been a good friend to us, her appetite, and our wardrobe!

When Katie had the flu recently for a week she hardly ate a thing, and I wasn't able to give her the Prevacid, but  I noticed she hadn't spit up.  So I haven't given it to her since (2 weeks), and now that she is over the flu, she is eating well and has only spit up once.  I called the Dr. yesterday, and she said it was fine to keep her off of the Prevacid and see how she does without it.  We expected Katie to outgrow the need for this medicine eventually, and I had in the past occasionally tried to take her off of it, but it always backfired.  I am very hopeful the days of spit up are over, and the only downside would be that I lost my excuse for clothes shopping.