Monday, February 8, 2010


Wiping drool from Katie's face is almost like breathing for me.  It's just something I do and don't think twice about, like a reflex.  Katie has drooled since she started teething, and hasn't stopped.  I always have some sort of a towel with me, or nearby in a drawer, and I would estimate that she drools enough to earn a face swipe about five times an hour.  It's not terrible drool, but it's enough that it gets her shirt spotty, and I have to cover the couch with a blanket, just in case.

Well, the drool has almost stopped!  Since the transfusion, we have noticed the drool getting less and less, and Katie still gets a face swiping occasionally, but I'd say it's about five times a day rather than an hour.  The drool has been a thorn in my side to deal with constantly for three years, so I am beyond thrilled to see it diminishing. I am no scientist, but I am sure this wonderful accomplishment must be related to her recent lip puckering (see past post) and although that only lasted three days - it must have made her mouth stronger resulting in less drool. Makes sense to me!

P.S.   After I wrote this last night, I was getting Katie ready for bed and she was just drooling like crazy.  Her mouth was open a lot and it seemed like everything I had just written was just a fantasy.  So, this morning when I got her out of bed, Paul says, "Look, she's doing the lip thing again", and sure enough she was puckering her lips, and no drool this morning.  Whew!  I guess this is a process that will unravel itself in time.

Update: Today is 02/19/14 and Katie does still drool somewhat but it is not too bad.  I think she forgets to swallow!  She now wears bibs (cute ones) and they are dry for the most part.