Friday, January 29, 2010


Just got an email that Katie (while sitting in circle time today at school) repeatedly stomped her feet when asked - three times in a row, this is just crazy!  Really?  My girl stomping on command three times in a row?  We will be practicing this at home now, and I almost feel bad because I didn't know she could even do this.  But instead of feeling bad, we will be excited and work on it with her and pretty soon she'll be stomping around this house like nobody's business!  Go Katie, stomp away!

I am also seeing better focus with Katie, more of her keeping her eye on an object rather than her usual handing me a book or toy and looking at me, not the object.  Three therapists have noted this too, two at home and one at school - so she's definitely coming along with this!  I am basically holding back on telling about more improvements that I see until I see them more consistently, to make sure I am not unintentionally making something up.

So, the controversy is, would this all have happened naturally anyway or is this due to the transfusion, which we will never really know - but I know!