Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Not again

Here we are once again with the tongue situation.  Katie has had her tongue hanging out, not constantly- but it's out a lot and I just got an email from the teacher noting this. They worry about her falling and biting it - it's been out about a week.  Doctors don't know why this tends to happen twice a year but my feeling is that it is probably due to the change in weather.  When she is really tired it will be out, usually before bed, it's as if she just loses all of her muscle control in her mouth, weird!

If you have been lucky enough to have been here in AZ. sometime in the last few months - we have had absolutely beautiful weather!  Now, it is getting into the 90's and I think maybe that is affecting Katie. 

 Or, maybe it's a growth spurt -she did eat 3 taquitos, half a chicken breast, a hamburger, broccoli, 2 of those cutie oranges and an apple last night for dinner -no kidding! Crazy little eater... that is not her usual food amount - have you seen my thin little kiddo?!  But she wouldn't eat breakfast today and threw her ham and toast on the floor, nice.  Guess she was still full. 

I always document her tongue issues so I can keep track.  I think it has been over a year so I thought we were out of the woods, damn...

update:  05/10/16 I think this episode is finally over, 3 weeks.

Here she is pre-tongue episode. Cutie! 


  1. Wow, Katie has quite the appetite for such a skinny girl! She's looking good and walking well. Glad I was able to visit when it wasn't too hot!

  2. Mindy how did you leave a comment? Mine never show up! Testing 123...

  3. Hey Mary! I approve all comments before they are posted because I had a lot of, hmmmm... let's just say not so tasteful comments in the past (spam). So if you don't include porn links in your message, you're good! ☺️