Tuesday, April 30, 2013


We should know in about 3 months the results of Katie's DNA study.  It can go 3 ways: showing absolutely nothing, which would not be good.  Showing something that can be fixed, somewhat at least - which would be awesome!  Or showing some diagnosis that could mean she just stays the same or gets worse, or maybe a little bit better with therapies.  I think I'll be in tears in any case, hopefully good tears.

I guess it is what it is, and it will be good to know what it is, if possible. Katie is such a really good kid, I just hope that this hope I have is not going to be crushed to nothing.  I can't imagine hearing that this is how the rest of her life will be, never talking, walking unbalanced - she really is in there trying to get out, I know it!  I have a lot of hope, but I do have that hope in check.

I watch the videos of Shelby (see recent posts) and think that if it can happen to her, why not Katie?  I HAVE to be a little bit optimistic that Katie might also be one who can benefit from finding out the DNA results, I am her Mommy!

I believe we are all here on earth for some reason and I am hoping hers is to help science.  C'mon science, please be on our side!