Thursday, March 17, 2011

Big Girl Bed

I'm sure many of you can relate to the horror of putting your child in the crib, hearing a ruckus a few minutes later, and then finding her standing (OUTSIDE OF THE CRIB!) at her toy box playing with the cd player. Oh yes, the closet door was wide open, the lamp and side table knocked over...  bring back any memories for anyone?  This was our night recently, and although we knew it would happen someday, it wasn't supposed to happen the night before Paul and I left for Vegas!  Which  just happened to be our first outing together, without Katie in tow, in several years.

Katie is now in the "toddler bed" version of her crib which basically means the front of the crib is taken off.  We were excited that we finally had some baby-proofing to do for our 5-year-old, Woo Hoo!  About time!  (Yes, Katie just had a birthday)  We had to take everything out of her room, duct tape the light switches (because the first night she kept turning them on), put those things on the door handles, put up some high shelves, etc... So here we are a few weeks later and it is going pretty good, this whole "big girl bed" thing.

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