Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Another tongue episode

 It took me days to find this Campbell's Soup logo!  But look at the resemblance - totally worth the wait!  Except for the uncombed hair and lack of bow - bows just don't happen in this household.
Oh I've tried....
Katie has been doing this with her tongue for four days, and it is pretty consistent. I think it just means that since the tongue is a muscle, (and didn't I read somewhere, "the strongest muscle"?!) and the fact that she has low muscle tone, maybe her tongue is finally strong enough to be able to do this.

If you read my blog on 9/30/10 you'll remember Katie's other tongue phase, where it hung out of her mouth for about three weeks. It drove me crazy.  Well, all I can say is at least this phase is a cute one, and  unlike the last one, I am not worried about walking through the mall with other mothers giving my child a pitiful look - that was horrible.  At that time I just wanted to scream, "No, no! Her tongue doesn't usually hang out of her mouth!  It's just a phase - she really is model material!"

If anyone out there is an expert and knows anything about the whole tongue thing, please let me know.  Because, I am assuming it means her mouth and tongue are getting stronger, and that she will be leading a Toastmasters meeting someday.

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