Friday, October 29, 2010

Comparison in walking

Here are two videos showing the difference in Katie's walking ability from the first of August to mid-October. In the first video, (her first time on the treadmill) she needed help with foot placement. In the second video she is doing pretty darn good all by herself!

I had to video tape the second time from behind her so that she wouldn't get distracted! It's amazing to me how fast she is progressing, for Katie.  I know that all of her therapies: Horse, OT, Speech and PT (treadmill) have helped her so much, along with the conductive education program she attended this summer.  But honestly, from age 1 to 4 was slow progression for this child, and the last nine months we have seen incredible strides - since her transfusion. 

Here is the link for SWAN Rehab where Katie does the treadmill therapy, in Phoenix. It is one of the best places in the country for stroke rehabilitation

Here are some other links of the wonderful places locally (Phoenix mainly, and Tucson) that have helped Katie, a lot!  Maybe they can help someone else! Conductive Education, Tucson Orthotic Specialists (Leg Braces etc..) OT, PT, Speech Horse Therapy (plus they offer all other therapies) PT, OT, Speech - we used to go here and they are great too!

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