Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Katie's feet

This weekend at Katie's birthday party, my Aunt who has a background in both speech and vision therapy, was holding a balloon shaped like a bunny's head over Katie as she was laying on the floor on her back (Katie).  My aunt said that Katie had her legs up in the air, so she told her to kick the bunny's ear, and Katie moved her foot to the bunny's ear and kicked it.  She told her to do it again to another spot on the balloon, and again she moved her foot to the spot and kicked it.  I think my girl is a lot smarter than she is letting on... she does seem to be working mostly on her feet and leg muscles lately, wanting to walk and pointing (with her feet!) 

Last week, the speech therapist at school, Susie, sent me an email that said  "Katie took 2 steps on her own to greet me this morning. She also used two hands together simultaneously to play in the sand and also played in the messy shaving cream".  For Katie to take a few steps on her own is a big deal, I've seen it before but only with coaxing - and I think this was Katie's own initiative (correct me if I'm wrong, Susie!).  She also took a step on her own towards my mom the day before, and that was her own action.  For Katie to not be afraid to try to walk is huge!  I think it can only get better from here.  The sand and shaving cream are good for her sensory issues (she has a few, mainly hair combing, and she doesn't like it when I put lotion on her).  The teacher at school said that Katie threw a big fit recently, throwing her head backwards etc.. when they tried to put her foot in paint to get a footprint for a card for me...  guess we will be spending some time with fingerpaints (or maybe I should say foot paints!) and shaving cream.    

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