Friday, September 23, 2016


I think this kid is about the cutest thing ever! Of course I am partial, but I think most people would agree she's got some looks. I can claim the eyebrows, everything else is daddy. Still wondering when her eyes might turn blue...

So, she looks like such a nice kid here, but in actuality it has been a rough couple of weeks. She has been so irritable, cries at the drop of hat, been pinching herself at home and at school, just plain unhappy.  Ugh, I'm about to go crazy. This is not my kid.

I know for sure it's nothing to do with puberty, is it the terrible twos that never happened? Is it typical for a kid to be moody at 10 years old?  I don't know what the heck is going on.

We went to see the orthotist Monday to get her feet molded for shoe inserts and that was total hell!  I am so glad she didn't kick him, she was a nightmare. He thought that it is due to the change in weather - from 110 degrees to 99?  Well, he would know because he deals with these kids all the time so that is what I am going with. I am assuming it's just a matter of time until she gets used to the barometer change, then of course it will get cooler with more barometer changes..

Irritable is the best word I can think of to describe her, however, I once had a good friend tell me that most people use this word wrong.  Or maybe it was the word irritated, or aggravated. Either way I am aggravated due to my child's irritability.

 If you read this blog you must realize that my grammar and use of apostrophes and commas, etc.. are not my strong suit.  AT LEAST I DON'T USE ALL CAPS!  or no caps little i's and no punctuation that is the worst

Well, I am hoping it will be a good weekend with Katie and she can go back to her sweet self.  I think I've aged a few years these last couple weeks... 

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