Thursday, March 31, 2016


When I think of the word luxury my mind goes right to massages, vacations by the beach with a margarita and good book, a steak and shrimp dinner with a glass of Pinot Noir, a fun martini (anywhere!), a really good dessert, an afternoon nap (oh, so rare).  Sounds like I am a big boozer but I really only enjoy about one or two drinks a week - don't call the federales, please!

I was thinking about a friend today who told me years ago that putting on a new pair of socks everyday would be a great luxury.  I get it - nice comfy new socks that haven't thinned out from washing and have no holes... I totally agree.  I wonder if anyone really does this? If you do please let me know, I want to be your friend!

This got me thinking about Katie and I wonder if she will ever appreciate anything luxurious. Does she know the difference between new socks vs old ones? I don't think so. She doesn't seem to care if she is covered in food or her hair is messy and in her face, I doubt she is into luxury. She is probably too young anyway, although she loves being covered in the soft throw blanket that we all fight over while watching TV. That is probably the closest we will get her to luxury.  She does enjoy baths - until I comb through the conditioner on her hair, and she loves donuts. Always.  I can think of a lot of things she really likes - Freaky Friday and Diary of a Wimpy Kid - great movies that by default,  I can recite almost word for word now.

 Katie's speech is basically the same - not much. I just put her on B12 shots every day rather than every three days to see if we notice any changes, can't hurt. I'd love to read her mind and find out what she is thinking. I'm sure she'd tell me I am overprotective and too stingy with the donuts.  Maybe she would tell me she is into luxury and wants a mini Ferrari or a diamond necklace.

My hope is some day when she is over 21 she will ask for a sip of my Friday night apple martini while we watch Willy Wonka. That would be a luxury for me!

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