Thursday, December 3, 2015


If I didn't live near a Patsy Grimaldi's I think I'd have a good friend go get me a pizza and mail it to me. My favorite for sure.

Katie loves food.  So do I except I don't say "mmmmm" every time food is mentioned. I feel bad that she cannot eat pizza with us anymore.  Before her gluten and dairy free diet started a year ago, she loved pizza.  I see they have gluten and dairy free in the stores for $6.99 a pop (geez!), but can it even be good?  I do get her the macaroni even though I have to cover my nose when I am heating it up - but she does like it.  I may have to check out that pizza.

Thanksgiving was good, she ate a lot, and leftovers are always a good thing...

I am still investigating my idea of whether the weather might impact these kids. I have two friends who moved from here (AZ) to Seattle and love it.  I have a much younger cousin who moved from here to Oregon for college and couldn't take the lack of sunshine.  I have another friend who grew up in Oregon and now I believe lives near San Francisco.  These personal stats aren't very helpful.  We're not moving anyway, but she does seem a bit happier in the summer.

p.s. 12/28/15  I found a place in the mall that has gluten free pizza and if I don't put cheese on her side it works! And she LOVED it!  Good thing she likes meat and veggies.  Tasted pretty darn good... thank you Fashion Square Mall!

Here's a recent picture - she let me braid her hair, a first!