Friday, September 18, 2015


Paul and I recently had a great vacation in Maui. On the flight all I could think of was how hard this long flight would be with Katie.  What I would give to get her to faraway places...  that would be fun.  However, I must say it was really nice to read a book on a flight for once!

Katie on a flight to Denver is not too bad, we only do it once a year though. Much longer than an hour and a half flight might be tough. We could probably go by plane to see some mountain views in San Francisco, or even make it to Portland thanks to this data era of ipads etc... but I really would love to get her to Hawaii or NYC, or Florida.  Probably not happening anytime soon.

 Katie gets a case of CMS (Constant Mental Stimulation) on airplanes, in doctors offices, basically any waiting room.  Ok, I just made up that acronym, but I think you get my idea, yes?  On the plane we go from the iPad to a sticker book to ripping up the flight brochures to looking at the dogs in the dog beds in SkyMall magazine... and over again.  It's exhausting!  I wish I was 30 again I'd have more energy - actually she is pretty good because I keep her busy, but these flights drain me.

If you see an active kid on a plane please be nice, she may be mine - if the mom is covered in stickers then she is definitely mine.