Wednesday, January 28, 2015

knee pads

Katie is walking so well (for her) that at school they put a helmet on her and pretty much let her go -on safer surfaces, not on concrete.  Occasionally she will be sporting a small bruise on her knee from falling at school. What can I say... my kid is not the cautious, graceful type.  I never thought of it this way until now but she is basically a loud, lover of wrestling, tomboy who can't get enough pink and Frozen.
Katie had about six bruises on one knee recently and it just looked terrible. The teacher she said she sometimes falls on the soft playground and that is what she thought it was from.  They watched her like a hawk for a few days until I got these cool knee pads. They remind me of those old sweatbands people used to wear on their wrists (maybe they still do?) and why am I picturing Will Ferrell?  Oh yes! Just like this!

These knee pads can go right over her knees, tights, or pants, and are very cute! So far this seems to be working and she has no new bruises.  I tell you I don't know what I would do without the internet and Amazon.

What a fashionista!