Thursday, February 27, 2014

Tongue issue again

Here is Katie looking a bit dapper, I like this picture. She really should be on a runway.  We have had the tongue incident again, this time for about a week so far. It just sticks out. All day. I think she might be at the end of it, but still have no idea why.  This has happened before (3 times) and I see I have noted it in my blog.  We go to the doctor today so he can tell us he has no idea why, ha ha! I thought maybe it was due to allergies so I bought some kids allergy medicine, but no luck. Tongue still out.  Last time I wrote that maybe it was due to a growth spurt - she has grown so much in the last year - I really don't want it to be that. Longer legs means a longer fall to the floor.  

Update:  it was 3 weeks of the tongue out and of course the Dr. had no idea why!