Thursday, January 9, 2014

No word yet

No news on the DNA study yet.  I called a day before Christmas and they said it would be sometime after Christmas (really?!).  So if that is January, March, or 2017 - I have no clue.  We were just about the very first ones to have blood drawn on Dec.1st a year ago, and will be about the last to get our results.  Kind of like me at the grocery store - if you see me in line, Go! Fast! to another checker - because I ALWAYS am stuck behind the old lady who has to dig through her purse for 10 minutes and then write a check, or the much too talkative cashier who rants on and on to the person in front of me... Murphy's Law really takes me literally.

 Not much else going on.  Just a cute pic of Katie (during the Polar Vortex!) when she took a break from chasing her friend around the park (previous post).