Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Looks like it could be two years before we find out any info from the T-Gen study, ugh!  They said "up to" 2 years, so hopefully we find out something sooner.

So in the meantime, what to do.  I can't just wait for two years without trying something else.

I didn't have great luck with Absolute Health - bad customer service so I only took Katie twice (for biofeedback).  Then last week I saw a sign on the 101 freeway for "Scottsdale Neurofeedback" and called and talked to the director.

 I told him about my experience with Absolute Health and all about how when we tried the neurofeedback there, Katie wouldn't have any part of putting the swim cap type of cap on her head.  He gave me a ton of information and let me know that he is the one who does all of the national and international training on this.   And that his people have to go through a year of training (unlike other places) and said that even if he only can get one electrode on her head (as opposed to the cap full of them), it would give him useful information.

They do a brain mapping with the cap, it tells a lot of info.  Hopefully we can work on getting Katie up to using the cap, somehow.  He said they had a woman come in who had a stroke and was not able to say even one word.  They did a brain map (with the cap) and could see that her stroke was right at the speech part of her brain.  She had 40 sessions of neurofeedback and now speaks beautifully, he said. He seems like "the guy" to go to for this.  Am I reaching for straws?  Maybe, but what else is a mother to do?

So, I am going to look in to this and see if it could benefit Katie.