Monday, October 1, 2012


Wow, it's already October.  Time is flying and I still can't believe Katie is six years old.  Maybe because developmentally she is not six, but she sure is improving!

I've been doing some leg exercises with her in the morning that seem to be helping her gait to be less of a side-to-side motion and a little bit more normal and stable. I feel guilty because I haven't done some of the stuff I had learned at The Family Hope Center, but certain things I am doing a lot of, one of them being the leg exercises called the Marie Foix reflex.  All in good time!  I plan to start some of the other things I have learned there soon.

  I have changed her therapies and am focusing more on things that might help her brain since it seems she probably has some connections that are not connecting.  We start tomorrow with a Braincore Therapy -really interesting stuff and I am taking her there because I know three people who raved about how much better their kids are from it. From GI issues (constipation) to sensory issues, to speech, etc.. Whoa!  That would be huge!  If Katie stops slapping her hands over her ears from noises, that's going to blow my mind.  And this might happen.  If she starts talking, well I just have to see that for myself before I even attempt to think about that too much.

This therapy is not cheap, but with three people reporting huge changes, we have to try it. You can check out the website if interested at

We will be doing 20 sessions, so I will be reporting back if I see any changes, or not. But I am sure we will!    

05/12/16 We ended up not being able to do this therapy as Katie would have to wear a type of cap similar to a swim cap with electrodes attached - and that just was not happening.

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