Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Oh hello blog! Do you remember me?

Sorry blog, I have been crazy busy for two months with putting together a fundraiser that happened at our house on March 31st.  It was a big success (so far raised over $7000! ) and so much fun!  We had casino night and silent auction items, food catered, and lots of vodka drinkers who seemed to be having a great time throwing dice and winning fake money at blackjack.

I will post more details about this event next week when I get the final count on the money that was raised. All of the money will benefit our summer camp program.  I think the event went off without a hitch, except next time I will not be drying my hair when the early birds arrive!

 More details to come!

And Katie is doing great, still preferring to walk around rather than sit and do ANYTHING, (I'm exhausted!) and her balance is getting better and better.   

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