Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sure is loud around here!

For about the last two weeks, Katie has been REALLY loud! Loud in a good way though, shrieking for the fun of it is my guess. We were at Swan Rehab last week where they see a lot of stroke victims and where Katie gets her treadmill therapy.  They see mostly older people and not too many 4 year-olds, at least not when we are there.  It's one big room that is divided in areas, but I could hear Katie all the way in the lobby - having a good time and letting everyone know - shrieking in delight!  I heard someone say to her, "Let's use your inside voice." 

So, I had a conference with Katie's teachers and therapists about her goals and I asked them if she seems to have been louder at school in the past few weeks, which they confirmed.  One of the therapists said that it means her core is getting stronger, that kids can't get that loud until their core is strong enough.  I think she also said something about her vocal cords maturing and her mouth muscles becoming stronger - maybe that was the school psychologist - but anyway, I guess what it comes down to is - all of this screaming is a really good sign!  Paul and I may be wearing ear plugs soon, but it's all good!

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