Sunday, July 18, 2010

the little things

For us, the little things are huge. Just now Paul and I were trying to keep Katie entertained from a short distance (we were in the kitchen and Katie was in the adjoining family room) while I made her an egg and Paul was fixing her highchair.  So to keep her busy, Paul said, "Katie, where is your head?"  and we both put our hands on our heads and she put her hands on her stomach.  I said, "that's your tummy, where's your head?"  And she put both hands on her head.  We continued on with nose, and then tummy, and head again, and she did them all.  She has never been able to find her own body parts until today (only other people's).  It's not 100% consistent (I just asked her where her head was and she clapped!) but what a good start!

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