Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Where did the blabbing go?

I read our story on the ViaCord website again and I look through what I've written and I wonder if I have portrayed Katie as too much of an angel?!  She definitely is 95% of the time, but that other 5%, oh, it can be stressful!  To me the hardest part of all of her delays is the lack of communication. I have to guess at what she wants and what hurts, etc... we have had many trips to the pediatrician after Katie's scream-a-thons, with me in hopes of hearing she has an ear infection - because at least it's something we can make better!  And if there is anyway to make her stop her flinging her head all around because she's mad or hurting, I'm all about it.  Thank God it's not an everyday occurence.  If I had to choose between her walking and talking, it would be talking, no question. 

I have a good feeling that eventually Katie will do both. It may be a few years but I really believe she has the potential to be a pretty typical child.  All of the therapists say that naturally, a child will accomplish the gross motor skills (walking) before the fine motor skills (talking).  So the talking has taken a backseat, actually it's in the car behind us!  And we are working furiously on walking, we walk her all over the house, and she has physical therapies that focus on that too.  Just this morning she had therapy and took two more steps, all on her own. Yaaaaaay Katie!

So, her speech has slowed a lot, she basically doesn't say anything except "dada" to us -er, to Paul lately, where months ago she was babbling up a storm and saying a few words occasionally.  My goal  - to get her walking so that when she has that down,  maybe she will say "milk" or "Barney" or "American Idol" (she loves that one too!).  All you parents who have little ones talking your ear off all day - you gotta love it!  All the funny things they say - like my nephew, who was about 4 when asked what his favorite color was replied, "blonde".  And my niece, who is 4 now and was recently at the neighbors and offered a pb&j sandwich and didn't want it, said she usually eats sushi for lunch (so not true!)

I would give up a whole lot for an ounce of blabbing.  Here's to hoping funny stories are in my future!

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